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About Us

About Us

Elam Pharma Pvt Ltd (EPPL), situated in the largest chemical zone of Asia, Ankleshwar GIDC, was established in 1992 by a young, dynamic and visionary entrepreneur Mr. M B Jetani. After completing his Bachelor’s in Science, he chose to gain experience in the pharmaceutical industry by working in various multi-national organizations and then when the time seemed ripe, he decided to put up a manufacturing unit of his own. Since its inception, EPPL has grown from pillar to post and we are proud to say that we are one of the most recognized manufacturers of Mebendazole.

Currently, the company is headed by the founding director Mr. Mavji Jetani, who is a science graduate and has a considerable knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry which encompasses every aspect of the business.

He is aided by his younger brother Mr. Tulsi Jetani, who is also a director of the company.

The newer generation of the family, Tejas Jetani and Jay Jetani, the former being the elder son of M B Jetani, holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Process & Plant Design and an MBA(FMB) from S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, a premier management school in India and the latter is pursuing his Master’s in Pharmacy, keeping in mind the role he shall play in the business.

Since its inception the company has grown from pillar to post and has established quite a name for itself in the local as well global market. EPPL has exported to a number of countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya Mexico, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore and UAE.

In the local market, we cater to well renowned companies which include a number of MNC’s.

EPPL also offers the Open part of DMF for Mebendazole and Albendazole.

Presently, EPPL manufactures Diclofenac Sodium and its intermediates for the local market. We also have a number of new API’s and intermediates which have crossed the development stage and are ready to be commercialized, a few of which are listed below :

Sr.No. Chemical / Intermediate Name Common Name End Use in API
1 3,4-Dihydro-7-(4-bromobutoxy)-2(1H)-quinolinone BBQ Aripiprazole
2 7-{4-[4-(2,3-Dichlorophenyl)piperazin-1-yl]butoxy}-3,4-dihydroquinolin-2(1H)-one Aripiprazole Base Aripiprazole
3 5-Amino Salicylic Acid 5-ASA Mesalamine or Mesalazine
4 5-[2-Ethoxy-5-(4-methylpiperazin-1-yl-sulphonyl)phenyl]-1-methyl-3-n-propyl-1,6-dihydro-7H-pyrazol[4,3d]pyrimidin-7-one Sildenafil Base Sildenafil Citrate
5 Tramadol Base and Intermediates - Opiod Analgesic
6 2 Chloromethyl 3,5-dimethyl 4-methoxy pyridine hydrochloride - Omeprazole
7 Chlorhexidine base - Chlorhexidine Glucoate

With WHO declaring Albendazole as an essential drug for the African nations, EPPL is looking to tap the export market for the African nations. The launching of the above mentioned products in the market will boost the credibility as well as financials of the company to a considerable extent.

The local market for Diclofenac Sodium is ripe as ever and for EPPL, exporting the API to non-regulated markets is next on the cards. Also, the planning for future growth includes getting a WHO certificate for the manufacturing facility and expansion in manufacturing capacities of the existing APIs.

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